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Phases of Indian Civilization

A Historical and Cultural Outline


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ISBN : 817020173x


Author : Speir, C.


Pages : 464 pp


Year of Publishing : 1973


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The book is divided into three parts. Part one deals with the historical, cultural and aesthetic part of Indian way of life examining in detail the Vedas, Brahamnic literature, Code of Manu, the Great Epics, the Upanishads, Vedantic Philosophy, Nayaya system and Caste system. An enquiry is made in particular about the Arts, Weaving, Metals, Trade, Commerce, Medicine, Language and Literature.

Part two deals with the conditions in India after the invasion of Alexander i.e. “Buddhist India”. Based on the Greek & Buddhist records, a searching survey is made of the expeditions of the Alexander in India and the Greek colonies left behind by him. The author also examines the deciphering of Brahmanic and Buddhist inscriptions by Mr. James Prinsep. The spread of Buddhism to Ceylon, China and the whole of South East Asia & the travels of Fa-Hian and Hwan-Tsay forms a major part of this section.

Part three of the book covers the period subsequent to Buddhism, with particular emphasis on the cultural aspects of life. The major Kavyas, Poetry, Drama and a wealth of Hindu literature is dealt with. It contains a critical appreciation of the Puranas as well.

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