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Self Publishing – Introduction is not just for books that already exist: give us a digital copy of your text and we’ll turn it into a book!

Imagine submitting your manuscript to a publisher already in book form. Or, how about having your dissertation, family cookbook, family function – wedding, celebration, birthdays, etc. memoirs, blog or poems, corporate albums, conference presentations, printed and bound in a matter of days!

There’s no minimum – we can make one copy of your book or a hundred.

We accept a typed, non-formatted, copy from you. We will design it for you, which is done by our expert team of page setters on the latest versions of related software, and art department having long experience in the industry. The book shall be bound to your specifications in many options that we can offer.

And if you like we can gift-wrap and hand deliver your labour-of-love to whichever corner of the world you wish it to be delivered.

We can sell your book for you as well, on our site and at all international web portals, including (USA, Canada and Mexico), (second largest web book seller in the world),,, and more at no additional cost to you. This is a non-exclusive arrangement, so even if you have Print-on-Demand set up elsewhere, we can be a place where your book is ‘on tap’ right in the store.

Also, if you want your book available worldwide, we can arrange that for you! Potentially, if you send us files, a print-copy of your book can be on sale in, for instance, New York in the next 48 hours. Amazing, isn’t it !!

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