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Ancient Indian Chronology

Illustrating Some of the most Important Astronomical Methods


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ISBN : 9788130717760


Author : Prabodh Chandra Sengupta


Pages : 320 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hard Bound



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This work uses the science of astronomy alone to ascertain the dates of past history of the Hindus, both of the Vedic and later times. Selected contents: date of the Bharata battle; Madhu-Vidya or the science of spring; Rbhus and their awakening by the dog; tradition of Indra’s victory over Asuras; miscellaneous indications of Vedic antiquity; the solar eclipse in Rgveda and the date of Atri; Yama and his two dogs; time reference from the Jaimimya Brahmana; Kaniska’s era; the Gupta era; date of Kalidasa. Includes charts and illustrations to aid in comprehension of the text.
Prabodh Chandra Sengupta (1876–1962)[1] was a historian of astronomy in ancient India. He was a Professor of Mathematics in Bethune College Calcuttaand a lecturer in Indian Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Calcutta.

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