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Welcome to Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications is currently celebrating its 46th year of establishment, having now published over 4500 books. Cosmo today proudly boosts of some of the finest, most ambitious, and largest reference works to be published in this part of the world. It also includes some of the best-selling Classical Works to be published in the Asian region. Cosmo has published some of the best international authors, which include world-renowned names like –

Sir Aurel Stein
James Baldwin
Friedrick Froebel
Edward Saligman
Paul Monroe
William William Hunter
Arthur Avalon
William Jones
Ariel and Will Durant
John Dewey
Maria Montessori
J. Toynbee

and many other illustrious names.


Cosmo Publications is well-known for publishing some of the finest reference works on and about the Indian Sub-Continent, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sikkim etc. We have published many best-selling works on Indology, Mysticism, Tantra, Philosophy & Religion, Sanskrit Studies, Arts, History & Culture, Sociology & Anthropology, Language & Literature – Indian, Islamic, and Modern, Linguistics, Education, etc. We have added new Sections – Jainism, Islamic Literature, Law & Jurisprudence, Crime, and Sciences

Cosmo showcases major additions to Arts, Islam, Philosophy, Indic Studies, Ancient Indian Sciences, Sociology, and Behavioural Sciences. Our trade paperbacks imprint Indigo is also announcing major titles that will add substantially to your sales. We have a very exciting publishing programme for 2019, and as usual the range and quality of our book will surely impress you.


What is Media and Reviewers saying about our books –

Title: The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics

“The general character of this monumental work is so well established … The undertaking is so stupendous that the matter for selecting topics and discovering the proper writers requires almost superhuman powers. … The bulk of the Encyclopaedia is so great …”. — Gerald Birney Smith, in the American Journal of Theology

“… this remarkable undertaking puts in the hands of scholars material which must otherwise be sought in a thousand different sources. It seems fitting that an estimate of the value of so great a work be made in journal devoted to the study of religion…”. The Journal of Religion

Title: The Story of Civilization

“44 editions published between 1935 and 1994 in English and held by 3,493 World Cat member libraries worldwide Winner of The Pulitzer Prize in the “General Nonfiction” category in 1968: Rousseau And Revolution, The Tenth And Concluding Volume Of The Story Of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant.

Title: Encyclopaedia of the Prehistoric Ruling Races

“Mr. Hewitt brings to bear upon his studies a knowledge of several Indian dialects, … his observations and opinions have not been formed hastily, … he sets the truth before those who will take the trouble to read what he has written. … Let us thank Mr. Hewitt …”. — NATURE. International Weekly Journal of Science

Title: International Encyclopaedia of Mythology

“ An amazing mythology collection. I suppose … there is still nothing to equal this fantastic achievement. The set includes not only the more familiar myths such as Greek and Roman, but pretty well succeeds in its goal to include all of humanity. The text is very readable; none of the turgid prose so often associated with academia…”. Elizabeth A. Root

Title: Encyclopaedia of Worship in All Religions

“A complete, graphic and comparative history of the many strange beliefs, superstitious practices, domestic peculiarities, sacred writings, systems of philosophy, legends and traditions, customs and habits of mankind throughout the world, ancient and modern. This dark and mystic picture strikingly compared with the beauty and purity of revealed religion, the whole forming the fascinating story of the world’s worship from the birth of man to the present day…”. William Garrison Jr.

Title: A History of Hindu Chemistry

“ ‘The History of Hindu Chemistry’ is one of the rare, important books published in twentieth century. Sir Prafulla Chandra Ray has contributed greatly to the field of Rasashastra in his own style. The book has achieved international recognition. The work became the cause of enlightening people they were till then unaware of. In a way, ‘globalization’ of the concepts of Rasashastra has its starting point in the works of Sir P.C.Ray. The author has touched almost every area of Rasashastra of course, from the standpoint of modern Chemistry.” — U.S. National Library of Medicine, USA National Center for Biotechnology Information,

Title: Evolution of Law

“…volumes are a pioneering attempt to present readers enough material, original and secondary, to enable them to form an idea not only of the vastness of the field attempted to be covered, but of the great principle of unity in diversity which a study of comparative or ethnological jurisprudence brings to light. … Every student should consider his legal education unfinished if he has failed to devote time … to the consideration of that field of legal thought which is presented in these splendid volumes. … to be congratulated.”. — David Werner Amram, in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review

Title: Convicting the Innocent

“The first systematic research on miscarriages of justice was done by Borchard some 20 years later as a professor of law at Yale University. His classic 1932 work Convicting the Innocent 16 identified a total of 65 American and British cases in which innocent defendants had been convicted of felonies. Of these, 29 were for murder, 23 for robbery and like offences, and 13 for lesser offences such as forgery, assault, attempted bribery and prostitution.”. Bruce Macfarlane, Manitoba and Alberta Bars, Professional Affiliate, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba, formerly Deputy Attorney General of Manitoba

Title: The Craft of Fiction

“… this book has helped me see exactly what I can achieve, and how powerfully I can do that, during my revisions. This is a rare analysis/craft book that goes deeper than a categorization of approaches a novelist can take… this book could be worth an entire class in an MFA program.”. Kanwal Tayyba

“This is a writer’s book. … I read in an interview with one of my favorite authors (Graham Greene), that “of the many, many books on the art of the novel, only Percy Lubbock’s The Craft of Fiction has interested me at all.”. David Xavier

Title: Handbooks of English Literature

“The admirable series of handbooks edited by Professor Hales is rapidly taking shape as one of the best histories of our literature that are at the disposal of the student.. . [When complete] there is little doubt that we shall have a history of English literature which will long remain a standard work”. Manchester Guardian

“An effective, critical, and descriptive sketch that cannot but allure the intelligent reader to make a more extensive acquaintance with the works of our earliest great literary artist…. is an excellent piece of workmanship…”. Literary World

“A very readable and serviceable manual of English literature.”. Herald Glasgow

“A very excellent little text-book full of concise and well-digested learning.”. Pall Mall Gazette

“We lay down the book delighted with what we have read.” Birmingham Daily Gazette

“Though planned on the scale of the manual, this book is actually the first attempt worth naming to grasp in one separate review the literature of the last forty years, … producing masterpieces.”. Manchester Guardian

“ … The result of this is that in 250 pages of good print we have as concise a history of Queen Anne literature as we could wish.”. Cambridge Review

“ … the student could desire no better guide for an examination.” Bookman

Title: Theory of Literature

“The most ordered, ranging and purposeful attempt…toward keeping the study of literature at once intelligent and liberal.” New York Times

Title: Voices from Africa

“This tug-of-war between Africa and the West is detectable in most contemporary African writing: and it is vividly apparent in a new anthology of African writing—indeed virtually the first such anthology—called Voices from Africa.” From Other Lands, A New Wave of Fiction (Published in the Saturday Review)

Title: Fundamentals of Fiction Writing

“Great advice and insight into the writing process,… Really, I think this could be the best advice writers should ever get”. Mark Terry

“… I think it’s an excellent book that has a lot to offer in the way of practical advice…”.James Reasoner

Title: International Encyclopaedia of Education

“Monroe’s Encyclopedia provided a useful compendium of pedagogical knowledge to educational scholars… Paul Monroe, Professor of the History of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, edited the Encyclopedia, assisted by thirteen departmental editors. The several hundred scholars who contributed to it were a Who’s Who of the field, with several such as John Dewey putting great effort into numerous reflective articles.” Wiki Study Place

Title: Penal Philosophy

“This volume published under the auspices of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology is a work of great interest and value. … Tarde is recognised as an original thinker in three separate fields of knowledge — psychology, sociology and criminology and has pursued successfully the carneer of magistrate… and professor of political science, which is an achievement rarely to be recorded.” — John Edward Oster, in the American Political Science Review

Title: Satire Anthology

“Carolyn Wells gives us in this another pleasing collection  … the collection is extremely enjoyable, and it is interesting to see a goodly number of poems of present day humorists.” — The Sewanee Review

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