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Shopping for books on our website is a breeze. The books have been classified under various subject headings and further into sub-categories for easily finding the book you need. By clicking on any of the categories, you will be taken to the landing page of that particular subject area. If you wish to see the details of the book then please click on the title, which will provide as much information as possible.

Click on “Buy this book” button to add the book title to your shopping bag. Please note that you can delete any item just prior to pressing the payment option. You can continue to add titles to your shopping bag by clicking the icon “Shop more”. You will be taken to the previous category page from where you selected the first title. You can at any given time select any category you fancy. Our shopping cart is designed to accept books from multiple categories in the site.

Click on “Add to Wishlist” if you wish to save a particular title for future purchase

You will be asked to register when you log in for the first time. We encourage you to register on our website to avail of the benefits of looking up your purchase history, use of wishlist to leave selected books to be purchased later.

Please select the option “Proceed to pay without registering’, if you do not wish to register that this particular time.

When you click the icon “Click to confirm your order” you will be taken to our Payment page.  The Checkout icon will take you to the secured payments server. We use one of the most safe and robust Payment Gateway for payment by way of VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and a whole host of Netbanking links to all the major banks in India.  You can also use your Paytm, Cash card.

You can also pay us by way of Bank transfer. Our bank details are:

Account No.:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Account Name:

IFS Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bank Name:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Address : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please email us on [email protected] immediately on making a bank deposit informing us the title(s) of the books you wish to order.

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