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Ancient Hindu Judicature


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ISBN : 9788130717500


Author : By B. Guru Rajah Rao, Foreword By
Sir John Woodroffe


Pages : 130 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding :?Hard Bound



“Little is, I think, known of the ancient adjective law of India. It is well therefore that an Indian Lawyer should undertake the task of telling us what it was. He has, I think, well fulfilled it within the short compass of this small book.” JOHN WOODROFFE.
The author, B. Guru Rajah Rao, was a practicing lawyer in Calcutta, and written one of the finest introduction to the ancient law of India. The account is compact which will appeal not only to the students of law and history, but to the lay reader interested in the subject.

Brief Contents
— Law Courts and Their Constitution
— Actions
— Institution of Actions (yavahard)
— Special Rules of Pleading and Counter Claims
— Principles of Proof Pramana
— Oral Evidence
— Lekhya Pramana (Documentary Evidence)
— Divine Proof (Divya Pramana)
— Samsaya Hethu Paramarasa Some Principles of Adjudication
— Judgment and Decree, (Nirnaya)

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