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Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions

Short & Detailed Guideline Downloads

Detailed: Submission Guidelines (ENGLISH)

Please Note: The guidelines are subject to change.

Legal Permission – Affidavit

In order for us to print and make your book, you have to sign the following affidavit stating that you ‘own the rights to’ or ‘have permission to use’ the information in your book. Please bring this form with you, or post/fax/email it to us.
Print on Demand Affidavit.

Submitting a manuscript for printing (just the basics) Copyright-AFFIDAVIT.pdf

Please carefully read the document MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES given here for the details you may require for sending your work to us. We have made the suggestions very user-friendly, but would assist you in any manner if you need more information or any clarification. Please feel free to write to us.

[email protected]

How do I submit my book?

We prefer submissions via email or on USB stick (pen drive). Please ensure that you send us the copy of FONTS used in preparing the manuscript. However, we would encourage you to use the standard universal free fonts for your text, i.e., times new roman, arial, calibri, etc. If the book contains accented or diacritical matter then please only use TIMES-D for such alphabets. If you cannot find this font please write to us for a free copy of this font,

How long does it take?

This depends on the quality of the submitted files. Even if the guidelines are followed to the letter, there could be some changes necessary. The specialized operators will check your files, making sure that book block size and cover size are correct. Then they will upload your file to check it on the machine’s digital interface. If it is able to be uploaded looks correct, they will print a first copy.

Can I sell my books via

Yes. We will arrange an ISBN for you which is unique identity number assigned to all books internationally, we can add it to our database and it will be available to customers online where it will be a “self-published” title. (this will involve some cost) Alternatively, you can apply for the ISBN with the designated agency. The allotment of these numbers is free. But this number is a must for us to make the book available on websites and web portals.

Do I need an ISBN?

You don’t need an ISBN if you’re not planning to sell it to the public, and you can always add an ISBN later if you change your mind.

If you would like your book to be added to our website it must have an ISBN.
It is possible to get your own ISBN via the Indian designated ISBN agency for free or we can register it for you for Rs. 1500/- service charge.

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