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What is Cosmo’s policy for getting inspection copies for adoption as course material?

Cosmo operates an Inspection Copy Service on selected titles. This service is only available to lecturers who may be able to recommend books to their students.

Applications may be made directly using this form and a maximum of three (3) titles will be sent out for 28 days inspection, together with an Inspection Copy Reply Form. At the end of that time the book(s) should either be returned in mint condition, paid for, or retained free of charge if you return the Inspection Copy Reply Form indicating that the book(s) has been adopted as a course text on a course with at least 12 students.
All bank charges are to be met by the customer.

What is Cosmo’s policy for getting Review Copies

Cosmo operates a Review Copy Service on all their recent titles. This service is only available to Journal editors and Book reviews editors who will commission or write reviews to be published in their journals.

Requests may be made using this form for a maximum of five (5) titles. This service is free of charge and available worldwide, and we require a copy of the review once it is published.

Whom to contact for discussion on Reprint Rights and Foreign Rights

For information on the rights to publishing Cosmo titles in English language or languages other than English please contact:

Email: [email protected]

What is cookies policy website uses a “cookie”, which is a small piece of information that is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Our cookie does not contain any personally identifying information. It is used for the sole purpose of enabling us to provide a shopping cart functionality on our site and to enable our customers to view/alter their web account. It gets set only after a customer logs in using his/her account name and password.

While visiting no third-party cookies will be set. This very limited and private use of (first party) cookies on does not require the consent of its visitors.

May I be asked to make a ‘down payment’?

If a book is very expensive then we may ask you to make a down payment. This can be paid by any of the payment methods described here.

If the book is on your website, is it also in stock?

Our website includes all the books available with us either published by us or our Imprints and Associates, but titles do keep on getting out-of-stock. However, we never allow any of our title to go out-of-print. In such cases we will inform you the delivery date for the book to be available and ensure that it is sent to you as soon as possible.

Replacement Policy

If any book has reached in a damaged condition the same shall be replaced once you inform us via email mentioned below, within three days of receiving the delivery. Please keep in mind that since we maintain inventories of books since our first publication (1971!) those published in the ‘70s, ’80, and ‘90s may not always be in mint condition.

Once the order has been paid for it cannot be cancelled. All books are non-returnable except in cases of damaged or defective and mis-sent book.

Email: [email protected]


The personal information you submit to will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties in any form, for any purposes, at any time. This includes your sales history with us.
All our mailings conform to an opt-in policy, which means you have the right to discontinue receiving information from us at any time.


When you order online, the information you give to us is protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL encrypts your information so that only the server will be able to decode it. This secure connection between your computer and our computer remains secure until you complete your order.


Via Postal Service


Books       1 – 7 books:             Rs. 20 per book

               over 7 books:          Rs. 15 per book

All other countries

We will charge you for the actual shipping costs. If you want to know in advance how much the charge for shipping will exactly be, please inquire at: [email protected]

Via Courier

We have arrangements with all national and international courier operators for express deliveries. If you want to know in advance how much the charge for shipping will be exactly, please inquire at: [email protected]

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