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Welcome to Cosmo Publications

Publishing with Us

Cosmo is one of the leading independent publishers in India having so far published more than 4000 books. Having begun publishing reprints in the 1970s we continue to lead the way in diverse fields.

We publish more than 100 books a year in addition to books published independently by our Paperbacks Division – Indigo Books – and our American publishing associates – Impact Global Publishing Inc, USA.

You will find working with us is different to working with a big publisher. We are large enough to have all resources needed to serve our authors and other publishing partners, yet small enough to provide personal attention and responsiveness to authors’ needs. The editorial care and attention we can offer makes us stand out from the bigger publishers. We also offer high quality editorial production and printing throughout the production process from the signing of the contract to getting the book onto the shelves. If your book qualifies in the guidelines set for publishing by our American Associates then the book may be published in the USA as we are authorized exclusively to wet publishing proposals for them.

Submitting Manuscripts

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Cosmo.

We welcome submissions from all sources and on all relevant topics, and if you would like to submit your work, please send us a curriculum vitae, a one page abstract of the work, an outline of the entire manuscript (table of contents), and some sample chapters following our submission guidelines.

Your covering letter should outline what the primary market would be, when you would be ready to submit the final manuscript, the approximate number of words in the book and, if there are any published books that could compare to, expand on, or challenge yours. These documents should then be mailed to:

New Submissions
Cosmo Publications
4808/24-B, Ansari Road

Darya Ganj
New Delhi 110 002, India
or email us at [email protected]
NB: submitted proposals should receive a response within two to three months.

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