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Administration of Justice in Medieval India

A Study in Outline of the Judical System under the Sultans and the Badshahs of Delhi based mainly upon Cases decided by Medieval Courts in India between 1206-1750 A.D.


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ISBN : 9788130717401


Author : Muhammad Basheer Ahmed


Pages : 248 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hard Bound



“This work is neither of a critic nor of an eulogist nor of an apologist but simply of an expounder and is intended to introduce a subject hitherto neglected for further study and research. As the material on the subject-matter of this book is still scanty, a detailed critical examination of the system is neither within the scope of this book nor seems necessary at the present stage.”— Professor Dicey
The book is based on original sources some of which have not so far been utilised by any other author. The conclusions arrived at depend mainly for their support on the cases decided by the Muslim courts and either noted specifically by historians or discovered in the original. These judgments were painstakingly collected by the author from various sources during a period of research extending over several years. The book has been divided into two parts:
Part I deals with the scope and the sources.
Part II contains the main theme. The description of these two systems is followed by a discussion of the Law of Evidence and Procedure, tendencies in criminal administration, prevention of crimes which includes the Police organisation and lastly of the working of the entire judicial machinery.

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