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Administration of Justice During the Muslim Rule in India

With a History of the Origin of the Islamic Legal Institutions


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ISBN : 9788130717418


Author : Wahed Husain


Pages : 164 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hard Bound



In this little volume an attempt has been made to collect from the dusty records of the dim past, certain authentic facts and weave them into a connected history of the “Administration of Justice during the Muslim Rule in India.”.
The author spared the pains of going through the legendary and semi-historical tales and folklores, or through “the heavy woven garments of traditions and customs.” Instead he relied on the full blaze of history dealing with the annals and accounts upon which Researches and Investigations have thrown a strong searchlight. The history of the Judicial System of India traced in this thesis, relates to the period covered by the Mediaeval Age and extends up to the middle of the 18th century. The age had its ideals of justice and standards of punishment. In order to throw full light on the subject, the author has divided the Muslim Rule in India into four periods:

(1) The period of conquest and military occupation.
(2) The period of successive invasions without any attempt to establish a government in India.
(3) The period of settled government with judicial tribunals.
(4) The period of well-established government with an extensive judicial and administrative machinery.

This plan has been adopted to convey a definite idea of the administration of justice of each period.

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