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World’s Legal Philosophies


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ISBN : 9781619521360


Author : F. Berolzheimer


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Impact Global Publishing Inc. USA

A Solid Introduction to Legal Philosophy this lucid, wide-ranging account traces the evolution of the philosophy of law and offers an introduction to its primary authors. Berolzheimer is especially interested in the law’s ability to serve as a progressive humanitarian force. This is evident, for example, in the contribution it has made to the emancipation of repressed social classes. “These fundamental questions are discussed by Dr. Berolzheimer in a work of remarkable learning. I have before me as I write the works of Stahl, Krause, and Lasson, dealing with the Philosophy of Law. They are not comparable with this volume in point of research.” – Sir John Macdonell

Fritz Berolzheimer was a German legal philosopher and author of the five-volume System der Rechts- und Wirtschaftsphilosophie (1904-07). This work is the second volume of that set. He was managing editor of the important philosophy of law journal, “Archiv für Rechts-und Wirtschaftsphilosophie” and president of the International Society of Legal and Economic Philosophy in Berlin. Sir John Macdonell [1846-1921] was an eminent British jurist and Quain Professor of Comparative Law at University College, London. Albert Kocourek [1875-1952] was a Professor of Law at Northwestern University.

Ch. I. Origins of Oriental Civilization
Ch. II. The Ancient Commonwealth: Greek Civilization
Ch. III. The Civic Empire of Ancient Rome and the Moralization of Roman Law
Ch. IV. The Bondage of Mediævalism
Ch. V. Civic Emancipation: The Rise and Decline of “Natural Law”
Ch. VI. The Emancipation of the Proletariat. Encroachment upon the Philosophy of Law by Economic Realism
Ch. VIII. The Sociological Reconstruction of Legal Philosophy

The book is part of the Modern Legal Philosophy Series which is now available, and includes following volumes:
Comparative Legal Philosophy.
Applied to Legal Institutions.
Miraglia, L.

The Essential Nature of Law
The Ethical Basis of Jurisprudence
Pattee, W. S.

The Formal Basis of Law
Del Vecchio, G.

General Theory of Law
Korkunov , N. M.

Introduction to the Science of Law.
Gareis, K.

Modern French Legal Philosophy.
Fouillee, A., Charmont, J., Duguit, L. &
Demogue, R.

Philosophy of Criminal Law.
Wharton, F.

Philosophy of Law.
Kohler, J.

The Science of International Law
Walker, T. A.

Ancient Law.
Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and its relation to Modern Ideas
Maine, H. S

Classics of the Bar.
Stories of the World’s Great Jury Trials and a Compilation of Forensic Masterpieces
Sellers, A. V.

Convicting the Innocent.
Sixty-five Actual Errors of Criminal Justice
Borchard, E.M.

Emergency in Indian Constitution.
Nakada, S. B.

Evolution of Law.
Formative Influence of Legal Development
Compiled by Kocourek, A. & Wigmore, J. H. 2 Volumes

Evolution of Law.
Sources of Ancient and Primitive Law.
Selected Readings on the Origin and Development of Legal Institutions.
Compiled by Kocourek, A. Wigmore, John H.

The History of the Lawyers.
Forsyth, W.

The Judiciary on Trial.
Talwar, R.

The Law of Nations.
Brierly, J. L.

Penal Philosophy.
Translated by Hawell, R.

The Supreme Court in United States.
Warren, W. 4 Volumes

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