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Philosophy in the Development of Law


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ISBN : 9781619521315


Author : P. De Tourtoulon


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Impact Global Publisihing Inc USA

“In scope and treatment this volume (as is fitting) is quite unlike any other in the series. It is not a treatise on analytical jurisprudence, … It is, rather, an attempt to deal historically with certain of the philosophical, and, particularly, the psychological forces which have operated in the development of law. Not the law of any particular country or time, but law generally.
Professor Tourtoulon is here neither an advocate, a reformer, a prophet, nor a propagandist. He is, rather, an acute, a wise, and courageous analyst and critic. He takes up one idea or conception after another, subjects it to a close and searching examination, points out its truth or fallacy, makes almost always a wise and frequently a witty comment, and passes on.
His exposure of shams, fallacies, and loose- ness of thought, is very keen. His chapter on the ‘Diseases of Legal Thinking’ would alone justify the writing and the reading of the book.”
Excerpts from Book Review by Floyd R. Mechem, for The American Political Science Review, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 114-117, Published by American Political Science Association

The complete Modern Legal Philosophy Series is available, and includes following volumes:
Comparative Legal Philosophy.
Applied to Legal Institutions.
Miraglia, L.

The Essential Nature of Law
The Ethical Basis of Jurisprudence
Pattee, W. S.

The Formal Basis of Law
Del Vecchio, G.

General Theory of Law
Korkunov , N. M.

Introduction to the Science of Law.
Gareis, K.

Modern French Legal Philosophy.
Fouillee, A., Charmont, J., Duguit, L. &
Demogue, R.

Philosophy of Criminal Law.
Wharton, F.

Philosophy of Law.
Kohler, J.

The Science of International Law
Walker, T. A.

Science of Legal Method.
Select Essays by Various Authors

The World’s Legal Philosophies.
Berolzheimer, F.

Ancient Law.
Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and its relation to Modern Ideas
Maine, H. S

Classics of the Bar.
Stories of the World’s Great Jury Trials and a Compilation of Forensic Masterpieces
Sellers, A. V.

Convicting the Innocent.
Sixty-five Actual Errors of Criminal Justice
Borchard, E.M.

Emergency in Indian Constitution.
Nakada, S. B.

Evolution of Law.
Formative Influence of Legal Development
Compiled by Kocourek, A. & Wigmore, J. H. 2 Volumes

Evolution of Law.
Sources of Ancient and Primitive Law.
Selected Readings on the Origin and Development of Legal Institutions.
Compiled by Kocourek, A. Wigmore, John H.

The History of the Lawyers.
Forsyth, W.

The Judiciary on Trial.
Talwar, R.

The Law of Nations.
Brierly, J. L.

Penal Philosophy.
Translated by Hawell, R.

The Supreme Court in United States.
Warren, W. 4 Volumes

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