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or Researches into the Antiquities of the Vedas


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ISBN : 8170201314


Author : Bal G. Tilak


Pages : 224 pp


Year of Publishing : 1984


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The antiquity of the Vedas has been hidden in obscurity and has remained a mystery for long. Many scholars have established different, and sometimes contradictory, theories regarding the placement of the true antiquity of the vedic civilization. For the first time ever the vedic texts and the first time ever the vedic texts and legends have been cited in this connection rationally and explained intelligently. The facts stated and the conclusions drawn in this work are not based merely upon mythological or philological coincidences but is a collection of undisputable express Texts and references scattered over the whole vedic literature, without making the book look a technical text.

This essay, originally written for the Ninth Oriental Congress, London held in 1892, and later published in this present book form, is a systematic and unbiased inquiry into the primitive, vedic calendar, the sole object of which is to investigate the truth of high antiquity of the Aryan civilization, of which the Vedas are the oldest records. The author follows the investigating pattern of Colebrooke, Bentley and other well known scholars but does modify, independently, the existing hypothesis on the subject.

The essays, broken into eight parts, dealing with and covering all important aspects, draws specific conclusions with the help of appendices, original Sanskrit texts, diagrams on constellations etc., emerges as a most authentic, accurate and genuine record of the true antiquity of the Vedas and the vedic civilization.

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