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Life of Hiuen-Tsiang


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ISBN : 9788130700190


Author : S. Beal


Pages : 366 pp


Year of Publishing : 1999


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Other had crossed the frontier before him, notably Fahian and Sung Yun, others in due course would come and go, leaving to posterity their impressions of a changing world, but Hiuen-Tsaing stands alone, a prince of pilgrims, a very Bayard of Buddhist enthusiasm, fearless and without reproach. As we read through the pages of Hwuili the fascination of he master of the Law becomes clear to us, not suddenly, but with the long, arduous miles that mark the way to India and the journey home.

Hiuen-Tsiang was born into a world that beheld the tree of Buddhism slowly dying from the top. He bore witness to a time of transition and noble faith in decay, and the swift and silent growth of jungle mythology around the crumbing temples of Buddha. His record of these sixteen years of travel is a priceless one, of through it we are able to reconstruct the world and ways of Buddhist India of the centuries that have passed.

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