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Lhasa. The Holy City


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ISBN : 8170204321


Author : F. Spencer


Pages : 370 pp


Year of Publishing : 1989


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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In this major work by one of the foremost travelers to Lhasa, Spenser Chapman presents a beautiful first hand account of LHASA, and does so more thoroughly and more accurately than any other writer in English language. In the words of the greatest authority on Lhasa and Tibetans Sir Charles Bell – “And so, when he (Chapman) journeyed for the first time into Central Tibet, he did so with the broad background of acquaintance with other lands and peoples. His impressions of Lhasa should, indeed, be interesting. The pleasure with which I look forward to reading his full story, and seeing his wonderful photographs, will be shared by all who delight to catch a glimpse of all veiled places of the earth.”

Spenser Chapman was member of the Tibetan expedition of 1936 to Lhasa. This book is a narrative of the journey to Lhasa and the author’s own observation of the city and the people during his stay till February 1937. The accounts of the city, its great monasteries and the fascinating Potala Palace are truly magnificent. A special chapter is devoted to the Festivals of this country, and a small description of its Botany, Fauna and Flora.

The book is heavily illustrated with very rare photographs which forms the finest collection ever produced.

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