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Mysticism in Tibet


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ISBN : 8177550039


Author : S. Santideva


Pages : 286 pp


Year of Publishing : 2000


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

• The System of Mysticism
• Magic and Ritual in Tibet
• The Path of Transference:
• The Yoga of Consciousness Transference
• The Path of the Mystic Sacrifice: The Yoga of Subduing the Lower Self
• Mystic Wisdom
• Padma: The Part of Creative Vision

Themes Covered:
• Power of Contemplation Types of Initiation
• Vows and Pledges Ritual of Permission
• The Ritual Service in Self-Generation
• Preliminaries Pho-wa and its Mastery
• Doctine of Trongjug Yogic, Secret Lore
• Practitioners of the Chöd Rite
• Essential Teachings
• Rite Chöd as a Mystic Drama, Mystery-Play
• Origin of Disease according to the Làmas
• The Bali Ceremony of Ceylon, Art of Exorcism
• Kinchinjunga War-Dance,Bodhisttava’s Mystic Sacrifice, Guru Nàgàrjuna
• Alchemy of the Siddhas
• Mani. The Jewel of the Mind, Diamond Scepter
• The Doctrine of Consciousness
• Lotus as Symbol, Symbolism of the Tantras
• Dhyàni-Buddhas, Symbolism of Space, Colours, Elements, Gestures, and Spiritual Qualities
• Realm of Creative Vision

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