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Their Manners, Customs and Country


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ISBN : 8170202264


Author : W.B. Northey & C.J. Morris


Pages : 300 pp


Year of Publishing : 1986


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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In this absorbing history of the rise of the Gurkha dynasty and Nepal, the authors not only give a full account of what the intensely interesting country I like but also give details of its government, administration, tribes inhabiting it and a lucid account of the rise of the Gurkha dynasty. Nepal has a very ancient history and for centuries before the Gurkha dynasty emerged, Nepal had very sophisticated and highly developed civilization of its own.

The book analysis the growth and development of the Gurkha dynesty from the days of that remarkable ruler whole name was Prithwi Narayan Shah. For nearly a quarter of a century the war between the followers of the king of Gurkhas and the different Kings of Nepal was carried with a great success and the whole of the valley of Nepal was carried with a great success and the whole of the valley of Nepal was brought under his sway and this great and martial dynasty came to perpetual power. The book opens with a complete history of Nepal from antiquity and has a brilliantly written chapter on the people and their languages by the famous Prof. R.L. Turner. The chapters on Religion and Festivals, general customs of the people and the different tribes inhabiting the country makes the book a very fascinating study. The book is profusely illustrated with contemporary engravings and photographs of the Gurkhas. It is begin reprinted to meet the needs of general reader who is interested to know more about Nepal.

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