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Jainism in Gujarat

(A.D. 1100 to 1600)


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ISBN : 9788130717234


Author : By Chimanlal Bhailal Sheth with a Foreword by Dr. H. D. Sankalia


Pages : 178 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Buddhism and Jainism almost started together in about the 6th. Century B.C. In fact, tradition asserts that the latter has a much greater antiquity. Not only has it a hoary past, but it has survived the onslaughts of rival faiths, foreign and indigenous. And Jainism today is a living religion, having had its followers in different parts of India. The history of Jainism in Gujarat is to a large extent an unexplored tract. This short work is intended to fill up a gap in the literature on the mediaeval history of Gujarat which has not taken adequate account of the unique contributions made by Jainism to the history and culture of Gujarat. Inspite of a long and continuous history, it has not received that attention at the hands of scholars that it deserves. Over 80 years ago that far-sighted scholar, Rev. H. Heras, Director of the Indian Historical Research Institute, St. Savior’s College, Bombay, inspired some of his pupils to prepare a detailed and connected account of the vicissitudes through which Jainism had to pass before the advent of Islam in the north and south respectively. The present work was written under the guidance of Rev. Fr. H. Heras. The work brings to light for the first time the contribution of the Jains to the cultural life of Gujarat for over a period of 500 years. It refers to the activities of the Jain priests and laymen towards the propagation of their religion through literature, art and architecture, as well as to the patronage or support which the religion received from the rulers of land on various occasions. It thus introduces the readers to a rich and glorious heritage preserved by Jainism in Gujarat.

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