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Introduction to Vedanta


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ISBN : 9788177558937


Author : Editor Subodh Kapoor


Pages : 300 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“If philosophy is but life brought to the focus of self-consciousness, then, clearly, Vedanta is the native philosophy of India” – Max Müller

The fundamental ideas of the Vedanta have pervaded the whole of the Indian literature, have leavened the whole of their language, and form to the present day the common property of the people at large. In fact Vedanta has, through the ages, gone on embodying the inmost stirrings of the soul of India.

For anyone who may have become curious about Vedanta, and who is looking for a good introduction to what is one of the greatest philosophical achievements of either the East or West, there could be no better guide than this book.

This short book, skillfully introduces us to the basic ideas of this complex system (Brahman, Levels of Being, Brahman and the World, Self, Karma, Ethics, Moksa and Jnana), while taking care to avoid overwhelming the reader with too much detail.

“It is no senseless exaggeration to say that every Hindu is suckled at the breast”

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