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ISBN : 9788130715865


Author : Sir Alexander Grant


Pages : 136 pp


Year of Publishing : 2019


Binding : Hard Bound



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Sir Alexander Grant’s Aristotle was first published in Blackwood’s “Ancient Classics for English Readers” series and quickly became standard popular reading on the ethics and philosophy of Aristotle. The book introduces the reader in a style which satisfies both a general reader with interest in ancient philosophy as well as beginners in the scholarly study of ancient philosophy and its great philosophers.

Book Reviews:

“Great Book … Great book, wonderful classic, … and highly enjoyable read. —Electric Harpsichord

“Great Classic…” —Ino7

“Pure Philosophy … Aristotle’s philosophy may be the most important work ever published.” — Caleb

“Great book …” — Maritess Andoy

“This is a great book. It is very insightful. It is helpful guide is everyday life. It is easy reading for anyone. …and if you want to get a richer understanding “from the horse’s mouth.” Aristotle defines value ethics in a way that requires your attention, but that is reasonably understandable for even the beginning ethicist.” — Anne Hooge

“One thing lacking in modern time is a moral code of ethics. As the years have passed and I reach 75, I can see the lack of Ethical behavior in our schools, our businesses, our governments and our very existence. Maybe the road to success and enlightenment is a return to the teaching of ethics and the application there of.” — TwoBears

“This book … with clarity and ease in reading … The material itself is timeless for building a foundation of logical thought and I would recommend it to someone interested in the beginnings of Greek philosophy for human living.” — Mitchell Ciesla.

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