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ISBN : 9788130717814


Author : James Burnham and Philip Wheelwright


Pages : 474 pp


Year of Publishing : 2018


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Here is a philosophy book written in the spirit of modernity – a book with an unacademic, metropolitan atmospheres; alive, rapid, colloquial. It is intended to serve for use in introductory college courses. certainly our readers need a book of this sort, which begins with methodological considerations, calls attention to dangerous fallacies such as bad definition, hypostatization of concepts, misleading analogies, fantastic images and ideologies, and then proceeds to illustrate correct philosophic method by treating actual problems of philosophy. The method of philosophical analysis has much to recommend it. The approach which the two authors have taken merits the whole-hearted approval of anyone who believes that philosophy is a systematic pursuit, to be studied step-by-step, not in a tantalizing jumble. Ergo, it is a textbook.” – Excerpts from the Book Review by Dr. Susanne K. Langer, and published in The Journal of Philosophy

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