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Contribution towards the Elucidation of their Ancient and Medieval History


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ISBN : 9788170208952


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Ranjendralala Mitra


Pages : 920 pp + Illustrations


Year of Publishing : 1983


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This work, by a celebrated author, easily falls under the genre popularly referred to as “classics”. The book deals with the development of our understanding of the ancient and mediaeval history of Indo-Aryans, a subject which has attracted much attention, and debate, all over the world. Ranjendralala Mitra was a contemporary of great western scholars like Fergusson, General Alexander Cunningam, and William Jones, and wrote extensively on as diverse topics as the Origin of Indian Architecture, especially Temple Architecture, Sculpture, Culture and Traditions of the ancient Indo-Aryans including their eating and drinking habits, their Ornaments and Dress code, Arms and Armament, Musical Instruments and Leisure activities. All these topics are included in this book. The book attempts to lay bare the life of Indo-Aryans by examining fascinating details connected to the subjects life Human Sacrifices in Ancient India, Spirituous Drinks and its use, and the Origin and use of Language of the Indo-Aryans. The book brings together most important writings on Indo-Aryans and for this reason forms a unique source of basic material not only for historians and archaeologists but equally for he general readers looking for authentic material to understand the history, culture and the ethos of the people of this country.

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