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History of the Indian Peoples


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ISBN : 8170200148


Author : W. W. Hunter


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This book exhibits the true history of Indian People, put together by the author from the original sources. The book details the growth of the people of India, to show what part they have played in the world’s progress, and what suffering they have endured from other nations. This work carries a distinct advantage as it does not dismiss the first very important two thousand years of Indian history as has writers. It does not make this truly marvelous era, insignificant, and start by disclosing India as a conquered country, thus depriving people a glimpse of a splendorous period of the Indian People.

The author has illustrated beautifully how an early gifted race, welded the primitive forest tribes into settled communities, and how the nobler stock, set free from the Indian soil created a language, a literature and a religion, of rare stateliness and beauty. How, among the most intellectual class, the spiritual and contemplative aspects of life over powered the practical and the political, and how Hinduism sufficed to organize the Indian communities into social and religious confederacies, which never succumbed to the continuous inevitable waves of conquests from the north.

The author has indeed rendered the facts accurately, combining the truth with simplicity. It surely is a very rewarding book and a must for all those interested in India and its people.

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