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Koli Culture

A Profile of the Culture of Talpad Vistar


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ISBN : 8170200180


Author : S. Roy


Pages : 285 pp


Year of Publishing : 1984


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The Kolis have an extensive spatial distribution in the central and western regions of India. Under various names this tribe has existed in different ecological conditions. Kolis are reputed to be the best fishermen in Bombay while in other parts of Maharashtra they are believed to be having a militant heritage. The distinct bio-cultural demarcation of Kolis from other ethnic groups inhabting Saurashtra speaks of this group’s intense sense of adaptability which has made it survive the various ethnic and cultural invasions sweeping Saurashtra from time historic. During these periods of constant domination and exploitation by higher castes the Kolis have neither lost their inherent cultural traits nor have they totally merged their identity with neighbouring cultures. In this book the various cultural aspects of the Kolis will be highlighted to bringforth their desperate attempt at retaining their Koli identity in face of urbanization and changing social trends.

The Talapada Kolis are some of the most enterprising agriculturists while the Chuania Kolis tottering away from traditional system of `wat’ (bonded labour) strive hard to establish them¬selves independently. Their recent recognition as `scheduled tribe’ by the government gives them an anamalous position between clean castes and untouchables which does not woo them away from their tradit¬ional tribal ways, rather it has given them a political prominence in Gujarat in face of economic fraility resulting due to the practice of ‘des’, (bride price) and `Karj’ (death rite).

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