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Imperial Treasury of the Indian Mughals


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ISBN : 9788130709505


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Abdul Aziz


Pages : 610 pp


Year of Publishing : 2003


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Dr. Sir Shafaat Ahmad Khan, Allahabad University, Allahabad.“Mr. Abdul Aziz’s monograph is a work of solid research, sound judgment and great industry, and he has laid all students of the period under a deep debt of gratitude by his researches. Only those who have been through the novitiate of a trained historical scholar can appreciate the wealth and variety of the material he has collected together. His introductory chapter on the Imperial House¬hold is excellent, and he has discussed the material with discrimination and tact. It does not pretend to be an exhaustive account, and he had perforce to content himself with the chief offices and departments….”
K. B. M.Afzal Husain, Vice – Chancellor, Panjab University “So far history has been dealt with as the story of kings. Mr. Abdul Aziz has rendered valuable service to our country in dealing with the history of the people of the Mughul period. A king may be good or he may be bad, and to base the entire conception of the evolution of society on the personality of the king cannot historically yield important results. The common people are the real material of which history is built, and I congratulate Mr. Abdul Aziz that he has constructed his story from such material.”
Sir Aziz-ul-Huque, Vice- Chancellor, Calcutta University “I congratulate you on your careful collection of materials available in scattered works. I wish there were similar studies on the Mughul administration in India by other research workers.”
S. H. Hodivala, Principal and Professor of History, Bahauddin College, Junagadh,
Author of “Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics”, “Studies in Indo-Muslim History”
“I am very greatly obliged to you for letting me see an advance Copy… No one who has read those Essays … can fail to be most favourably impressed by your patient industry, wide knowledge of the original authorities, meticulous zeal and avidity for facts and the judgment and good sense you have brought to bear on the interpretation of the crabbed and frequently cryptic phraseology of the contemporary chroniclers.”
Mr. W. H. Moreland, I. C. S., Author of “Jahangir’s India”.
“Agrarian System of Moslem India” etc.
“It is always pleasant to hear from anyone who is trying to find facts in Indian history, where so many people are content to make guesses.” (extract from the letter written to the author)

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