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History of the Parsis

Including their Manners, Customs, Religion and Present Position


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ISBN : 8170208904


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Karaka, D. F.


Pages : 700 pp


Year of Publishing : 2000


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“…the Parsis have earned their reputation not so much by the manner in which they have accumulated fortunes as by the way in which they have dispensed the stores with which Providence has blessed them.” – D.F.Karaka
The book remains the single most authentic presentation of the History of the Parsis. The author, a Parsi gentleman, provides a thorough understanding of not only the true history of this great race but also its rituals, beliefs, customs and ceremonies. In this lucid and entertaining book, Karaka offers both a lively introduction to the origin of the Parsis, and a graphic account of their way of life. The book provides most comprehensive details of not only the Parsi system of Education, Parsi Laws and Internal government and their Philosophy, but also their Religion through details pertaining to their prayer rituals, ceremonies related to Birth and Marriage, The religious books, moral teachings, Sacred fire and fire-temples. The Chapter on the domestic life of Parsis is a fascinating account.
The value of the book is significantly enhanced by tracing the history of prominent Parsi Families of Gujrat and Bombay, including their immense contribution to the country. The book also includes some rare pictures and colour illustrations. The Appendices at the end of Volume two shall be found most useful by the readers. The encyclopaedic range of material in the book sets out the reason for the Parsis to be commonly considered as one of the great peoples, with continuous racial, cultural and historical traditions from the ancient times to the modern day.

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