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History of Caste in India


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ISBN : 817020187x


Author : Ketkar, P.R.


Pages : 210 pp


Year of Publishing : 1979


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The analysis of the history of Indian Caste is a very comprehensive study that has been made by Prof. Shridhar V. Katkar in this compact and handy book. The author traces the origin and development of caste system from historical point of view and defines what caste is from Hindu view point. He further explains the possibilities of its modification to suit the present day conditions.The author has based his study on the evidence of the Laws of Manu on the caste and social conditions in India with present day interpretations. A very deep study is made of the subjects as is evident from the chapters: The Caste System, Definition of Caste, Psychology and Theory, Treatment and types of Caste, Philosophy of caste, Theory of purity of Caste, Religious and ceremonial treatment, Inheritance, Marriage and criminal laws. The radical defects of ethnology are discussed in an appendix. The book offers many valuable and penetrating insights into the complexities of Hindu Caste system.

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