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Handbook of the Fighting Races of India


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ISBN : 9788130717777


Author : P.D. Banarjee


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“In this little book I have attempted to give a brief sketch, of the history, ethnology, customs, characteristics, of the fighting races of India, so as to give the young British officer an idea of the material of which the native my is composed. There are several works extant dealing in the martial races of the country, such as those of Hodgson, Dr. Wright, Genl. Cunningham, and others; but these are as a rule not easily available, and moreover technical expositions meant for historical and scientific purposes rather than practical treatises for the practical soldier”. – Excerpt from Author’s Preface

CHAPTER I— Pathans
CHAPTER II. — Baluchis
CHAPTER III. — Punjabi Mahomedans
CHAPTER V. — Gurkhas
CHAPTER VI. — Dogras
CHAPTER VIII. — Aboriginal Tribes
CHAPTER IX. — Fighting Races of South India
CHAPTER X. — Garhwalis
CHAPTER XI. — Hindustani Mahomedans
CHAPTER XII. — Rajputs.
CHAPTER XIII. — Miscellaneous Tribes
CHAPTER XIV. — Mahrattas
Sub-divisions op the principal Pathan Tribes

Note: The book was first published in the period prior to India’s independence from the British rule. So, races belonging to what is now Pakistan are also included in this volume.

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