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Hampi Ruins

Described and Illustrated


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ISBN : 8170200431


Author : A. H. Longhurst


Pages : 192 pp


Year of Publishing : 1982


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

It is a mistake to isolate architecture from its surroundings and the object of this book, therefore, is not only to give a clear and brief description of the various styles of buildings produced during the Vijayanagar period, but also to consider those Influences which have contributed to the formation of each special style. Nothing reveals the character of the nation so clearly as it religion, and nothing has more permeating influence, upon its architecture. The influence, upon its architecture. The influence of religion has been, thus, dealt with rather more fully in this work than anywhere else. The necessity for the knowledge of this important subject becomes apparent when the visitor to HAMPI finds himself confronted with the profusely sculpture walls and pillars adorning some of the larger temples, to him who does not know the legends of Rama and Krishna, the different incarnation of Vishnu or the characteristics and attributes of Siva, the wonderful picture in stone will have no meaning.

Part I of this marvelous work deals with the main influences which helped to form the different styles of architecture produced during the Vijayanagara Empire and Part II describes the chief buildings existing at Hampi. The book is profusely illustrated and displays Hampi in a beautiful fashion.

A very valuable addition to the Indian architecture style, and the publishers feel pleasure in issuing this important work to the students of architecture, Art, Archaeology and History and any tourist visiting Hampi.

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