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Grammer of the Persian Language

Selection of Easy Extracts for Reading, together with Vocabulary and Translation


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ISBN : 8170202841


Author : B. Forbes


Pages : 270 pp


Year of Publishing : 1986


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This book is a prerequisite to any venture into the learning and proper understanding of the Persian Language, which is one of the rishest and most elegant of the modern Asian Languages. This work is a classical example of what a grammar of any language adopted for beginners, should be life. It is brief and perspicuous, containing only the general and more useful principles of the language. It is accompanied with easy extracts for practice and has a copious vocabulary. The book confines itself to its most legitimate purpose – the instructing of beginners, not deviating into ingenious metaphysical and etymological discussions.The students of the Persian language would find this the most important tool for learning the language and so would its teachers. This certainly is a good beginning to the study of Persian for any one interested in it.

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