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Encyclopaedia of Indian Rulers


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ISBN : 9788130700247


Volumes : Phase 2: Volumes 13 – 24


Author : W. W. Hunter


Pages : 2600 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications is pleased to announce the publication this Classic Series on Indian history. These books are authentic documents from the past that are as valid and as useful today as when they were written, or even more so. These are books that have come to acquire a stature which was not apparent when they were published. Edited by the leading Indologist of his time – W.W. Hunter the titles in this series reflect some of the best biographies ever attempted on the men who ruled India. Mr. Hunter indeed made sure that the task off writing the individual title was entrusted to the most suitable person as is amply reflected by the choice of the authors for the purpose. That the titles are indeed classics is clearly demonstrated by some of the press review included here. A total of twenty-four volumes are now available. “An interesting and exceedingly readably volume work about an important epoch in English history in India, and has given us a pleasing insight. The ‘Ruler of India’ series, which he has initiated, thus makes a successful beginning in his hands”. THE SET INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING RULERS

Phase II:

13. John Russell Colvin, the last Liet. Governor of the North-Western Provinces

14. Mádhava Ráo Sindhia, and the Hindu reconquest of India

15. Aurangzib, and the decay of the Mughal Empire

16. Mountstuart Elphinstone, and the making of the South-Western India

17. The Earl of Auckland

18. Ranjìt Singh, and the Sikh barrier between the Growing Empire and Central Asia

19. Lord William Bentinck, and the Company as a Governing and Non-trading Power

20. Sir Henry Lawrence, the Pecificator.

21. The Marquess Cornwallis, and the consolidation of the British Rule

22. Harsha

23. The Marquess Wellesley, and the development of the Company into a supreme power

24. The Marquess of Dalhousie, and the final Development of the Company Rule.

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