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Yoga or Transformation

The Soul and its Desitiny


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ISBN : 9788130718613


Author : S. Flagg


Pages : 300 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

An enquiry such as this book attempts, into the nature and destiny of the soul of man, must needs begin with at least a brief review of the theories respecting it which have been offered by the various great religions of the world, of which the oldest of all, so old that it may truly be called the mother of the others, is yet so new also that we now most commonly know it by the name of “modern spiritualism.”

Thus the possibility of improving method by simply intensifying sensation to a degree from which the practice’s attention will not be able to escape, and where perfect and absolute concentration will be assured, is great enough to permit the conjecture that by this way of the senses alone yoga methods may at some age in the future attain such perfection that all will be allured to practice them, and that too in the thorough way that has heretofore distinguished only two or three in a century of even the thorough-going Hindu sages, and the whole race of man become yogis.

“wow! I detect the presence of concentration, clarity, in equanimity in those old writings. I wonder why. This book is an amazing find!” Reader’s Review.

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