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How to be a Yogi


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ISBN : 812920200x


Author : Swami Abhedananda


Pages : 113 pp


Year of Publishing : 2007


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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The Vedânta Philosophy includes the different branches of the Science of Yoga. Four of these, “Râja Yoga,” “Karma Yoga,” “Bhakti Yoga,” and “Jnâna Yoga” have already been treated at length; but there existed no short and consecutive survey of the science as a whole. It is to meet this need that the present volume has been written. An effort has been made, so far as possible, to keep the text free from technical and Sanskrit terms; and the work should therefore prove of equal value to the student of Oriental thought and to the general reader as yet unfamiliar with this, one of the greatest philosophical systems of the world.

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