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Women’s Voice

An Anthology


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ISBN : 9788130718194


Author : Josephine Conger-Kaneko


Pages : 312 pp


Year of Publishing : 2018


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

“WOMAN’S VOICE, is an anthology that, every woman will want. It presents Joys of Being a Woman is a most entertaining woman’s present attitude toward life and the responsibilities which, because of the necessities of war and of changing age, are hers to assume. It contains hundreds of quotations in prose and woman’s particular joys in the spirit of adventure. Even those women who are acutely aware of their blessedness, will find from her spirited verse from representative women artists, writers, suffragists, labor leaders, actors, orators, teachers, organizers, and home-keepers. The editing has been done with rare skill; the book has been of a merry heart, and with a fairy-tale feeling that all grown-ups like to recover down to a comparatively small compass, so that only a digest of the very best thought should be presented.

The subjects are: “The Woman Movement” “The Home, “The Child” those of women’s clothes, their talent, wayfaring, gardens, education, and of many other fields that yield woman the maximum of feminine pleasure. “The Mother,” “Love and Marriage,” “Education,” “War and Peace,” “Classes,” and “Miscellaneous.

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