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Background for Social Workers


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ISBN : 9788130717883


Author : E. J. Menge


Pages : 198 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hard Bound



“Expert Advice” is one of the most important things in life, and by expert advice we mean all those things—every bit of useful information that is given, which experience proves to be correct, whether it be the best way to build n house or to feed the baby; and, everyone who can give this advice, not from what he thinks he has discovered by experience, because that is just the reverse of expert, but, who can give this enlightenment from experience, plus an explanation of why it is true, is an expert in that particular matter.
This book provides information, from a practical standpoint, the traits necessary to becoming a successful “Social Worker” who can provide expert advice having access to full background of the topic.
Contents include information on –
• Training
• What Ought We to Do?
• Birth Control
• Sterilization, Sex-Instruction, and Eugenics
• The Primitive Family
• The Medieval Family
• The Renaissance and Reformation Family

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