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Tantrik Texts

Phase I (Volumes 1-13)


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ISBN : 9788177555332


Volumes : Set in 13 Volumes


Author : Arthur Avalon


Pages : 4000 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

For the serious student of Comparative Religion, … Tantra is a mine of information”.—The Quest.

“Tantrik literature has been neglected by Sanskrit scholars as well as students by Comparative Religion … Mr. Arthur Avalon has devoted himself to the study of these obscure writings with an enthusiasm worthy, some would think, of other Sanskrit writings as yet untranslated. One may join in his hope that much of the prejudice against them will disappear when the Tantras are read in their entirety.”—The Times of India.

“The Tantra Shàstra is the source of some of the most fundamental concepts as regards worship”.—Madras Mail.

“The Tantras embrace every phase of human life and there is hardly a branch of learning which is not covered by them.”—The Bengalee.

“Mr. Arthur Avalon has rendered an unique service to humanity generally and the Indian people, in particular, in editing the Tantrik Texts series and in translating some thought-provoking works on Tantra”.—The Kalpaka.

“Students of Hinduism will be thankful to Mr. Arthur Avalon for this new contribution to the study of Tantrik Philosophy culture”.—Hindu Review.

“The author has indirectly shown that taking its philosophical aspect into consideration, it can attain a very high level and compare favourably with, or even excel, the doctrines of Sànkhya or Màyàvàda”.—Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society.

“One cannot do enough homage to the magnificent series of publications which an English savant under the pseudonym of Arthur Avalon has brought into being—a Pleiades of Tantrik works, texts and translations. One of the most inaccessible schools of Indian speculation has thus, thanks to him, been fruitfully explored”.—Revue Philosophique. (Paris.)

“Though me, the Royal Academy of Italy expresses its most heartful thanks to you for your act of generosity which will no doubt both increase our interest for Indian culture and render more strong the cultural intercourse between Italy and India”.—President of the Royal Academy of Italy.

“Sir John Woodroffe—that rare thing—an Englishman who is really interested in the doctrines of India and has published numerous works on one aspect of such doctrine which is unknown to the European public”—Revue de Philosophie. (R. Guenon).

“The appearance of Arthur Avalon as an expounder and defender of the Tantras is a momentous event in the history of Sanskrit Research”.—Prabuddha Bharata.

“The field of ancient Indian literature has been enriched by this praiseworthy edition of an important Tantric text, and both the interested public and the Agamanusandhana Samiti can be congratulated for this finely got-up book……Glory of the spiritual Sadhana of India”.—Dr. Sunìti Kumar Chaterji in The Calcutta Review.

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