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Archaeology Made Easy

A Chronological Glossary. 1,500 Terms used in Architecture, Archaeology and Kindred Arts. Goodsall, R.H.


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ISBN : 9788130718088


Author : R. H, Goodsall


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hard Bound



In these days when the work of man in times long past, claims the attention of thousands in every civilized nation, and excavation work is going on in all the corners of the ancient world, it is necessary for the novice who aspires to become an Archaeologist, to be familiar with the meanings of the many technical words current in the newspaper reports and the lectures of learned societies, in reference to that which is constantly being recovered from oblivion. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to find a glossary of terms used in Archaeology, Architecture and Kindred subjects, that gave at the same time an idea of the period when various changes took place, an attempt is here made to produce a work that it is hoped may prove of value to those who wish to study the subject in some of the 11,000 parish churches of England and Wales ; also to those who might take pleasure in the work of the Druids, the Romans, Saxons, Normans and other builders who went before or followed, either in Britain or further afield. Dates included in this Glossary are not put forward as infallibly correct; every historian so far, has been held up as more or less liable to error, but we must take records as we find them, not forgetting that traditions and facts have for ages been handed down from one generation to another. The Druids, although they could have recorded their history, laws, customs, beliefs and the like, committed nothing to writing, but depended on memory alone.

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