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Shakti and Shàkta

Essays and Addresses on the Shakta Tantrashastra


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ISBN : 9788130718293


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Arthur Avalon


Pages : 700 pp


Year of Publishing : 2023


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Agama, which governs according to its followers the Kali-yuga, is itself divided into several schools or communities of worshippers. One of these divisions is the Shakta. It is with Shakta doctrine and worship, one of the forms of Brahmanism, which is again a form of the general Bharata Dharma, that this book deals with. The Shakta is so called because he is a worshipper of Shakti (Power), that is, God in Mother-form as the Supreme Power which creates, sustains and withdraws the universe. His rule of life is Shaktadharma, his doctrine of Shakti is Shaktivada or Shakta Darshana. God is worshipped as the Great Mother because, in this aspect, God is active, and produces, nourishes, and maintains all. God is Mother to the Sadhaka who worships Her Lotus Feet, the dust on which are millions of universes. The Power, or active aspect of the immanent God, is thus called Shakti.
Reader Review
“One of the most authentic Books on Tantra Sastra. A reference manual. A detailed description of the Tantra system can be found here. Recommended.” – Venkat Ramanan.

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