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Life Beyond Death


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ISBN : 8170200326


Author : M. K. Ghosh


Pages : 398 pp


Year of Publishing : 2004


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

It is said that the world is a vale of tea Certainly it is so, if life ends here. But if there is survival after death and if it is a life of progression, it will be the easiest thing to prove it will be the easiest thing to prove that life and death are a great blessing, and that all worldly misery is evanescent. To prove the survival of life after death is to prove that most of the miseries that we suffer from are negligible and the destiny of man is indescribably high and happy.

Faith in an after-life, based upon religious considerations, rarely goes beyond the stages of aspirations. Those who are of religious turn of mind are easily persuaded into a belief in the immortality of soul by a simple appeal to their religious sentiment. But those with an intellectual turn of mind want facts, and this is the only way to prove the immortality of soul to them. This is precisely the purpose of this book.

This great work of all times deals with these theories of spiritualism as well as incidents demonstrating their truths. It acknowledges the fundamental truths of the different religions and makes it possible for men to know their destinies after death. It investigates into some metaphysical truths of human life and solve them satisfactorily. It answers the primary question that vexes the human mind-“What will became of a man after his death?” This is the study of truths, pure, absolute and experimented.

In short, it will help you become really happy when your belief has gone beyond the stages of aspiration and crystallized into conviction. A man who is convinced of the existence of an after-life, will consider death as merely a journey home.

Indeed it is a masterpiece and has no parallel. A must for all those who want to understand life better.

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