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Landmarks of Western Philosophy

(Basic Text Initiative)


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ISBN : 8177554581


Author : Several Authors


Pages : 4200 pp


Year of Publishing : 2002


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

Cosmo Publications are pleased to announce the publication of rare classics in Western Philosophy under this new Series. A Classic may be a printed embodiment, in clear and basic form, of an influential school of thought. It may tell us about previous modes of thought and, in turn, give us insight into later developments. And, a Classic may record a major achievement in subject that is still of interest.

Most of all, a Classic may be a document from the past that is still valid and as useful today as when it was written, or even more so. There are books that come to have stature which was not apparent when they were published. Sometimes they were in step with the future but out of fashion in their own day; at other times they did not have the circulation they should have had, because of a tiny edition, war, or an accident of history.

The books in this fascinating series fit one or more of these categories. These are books which are of extreme relevance for the study of the subject; and for this reason should be freely available in all libraries. The availability of these books, which form the core of philosophical studies and understanding, will fill a huge gap that exists in the collections in the field.

The continuing series will attempt at reprinting all those works and authors without which no collection in the subject can be considered complete.

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