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Kesava Temple at Belur


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ISBN : 8170205417


Author : R. Narasimhachar


Pages : 45 pp + 45 Plates


Year of Publishing : 1982


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The book is divided into two parts and thirteen chapte The first part is devoted to Sculpture dividing itself into nine chapters, The Evolution of the Divine Ideal, Mythology and Metaphysics, the Dance of Shiva, Different schools of Sculpture and Paintings, the Human Ideals and the Sculpture of Brahut, Sanchi and Amravati, Borobudur-The Kailash of Java, Hindu Art in Java and Cambodia etc, and the second part is devoted to Paintings in four chapter, Indian Mural Paintings, Paintings in Mughal times, Typical Indian Miniature Paintings, and the Future of Indian Art. Besides this, there is a very important Appendix on the Indian process of Fresco. The book has a comprehensive Index.

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