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Jyautisha Siddhanta Sangraha

A Collection of Ancient Hindu Astronomical Works


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ISBN : 9788130712208


Author : George Frederick William Thibaut


Pages : 120 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

George Frederick William Thibaut was an Indologist notable for his contributions to the understanding of ancient Indian mathematics and astronomy. Thibaut was born in Germany, worked briefly in England, and then in 1875 was appointed Professor at the Government Sanskrit College, India, later Benares College. Between 1875 and 1878 he published a detailed essay on the Śulba sūtras, together with a translation of the Baudhāyana Śulba sūtra; he later translated the Pañca siddhāntikā which he co-edited and with Pandit Sudhakara Dwivedi (the latter added a Sanskrit commentary). The present treatise was also brought to the scholars and researchers in their endevour to publish major works on Indian Mathematics and Astronomy.

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