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Hindu Art of Reckoning


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ISBN : 9788130712024


Author : Suzan Rose Benedict


Pages : 179 pp


Year of Publishing : 2012


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

For a woman to make a name for herself during the era of Suzan Rose Benedict, wasn’t easy. To gain notoriety for mathematics as a woman, even more difficult but Benedict was able to do it. Benedict decided to pursue her education at Columbia University where she earned her master’s degree studying the history of mathematics. She immediately returned to Smith College where she taught for the duration of her professional career. She attended the University of Michigan where she became the first woman at the university to earn a mathematics Ph.D. While working at Smith College, Benedict continued her own mathematical pursuits. Her papers were widely read on various mathematical topics and she was published in the Mathematics Teacher among other publications. It is due to her endevour to create a systematic bibliography of the arithmetic of antiquity in order for her to present a comparative study of the early treatises introducing into Europe the Hindu Art of Reckoning. Accordingly, a systematic search has been made, and all the treatises found, unless dealing exclusively with abacus reckoning, have been noted. There is included in this bibliography, where it has been possible to find such information, the name and date of the treatise, a few words concerning the author, the library where the manuscript may be found and the journal or monograph in which it is published. There is added to this, a brief account of the contents, the approximate length, and in the case of the Latin works, the words of the beginning and end.

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