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With Illustrations, and Vignettes after Drawings of Javanese Chandi Ornament


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ISBN : 9788130704544


Author : J. F Scheltema


Pages : 320 pp


Year of Publishing : 2011


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The object of this little is to give to the people, in as concise and complete a manner as possible, some trustworthy information in regard to the people, the wealth and the resources of the island of Java, together with an outline of its history. To do this accurately and intelligently, the best authorities have been consulted not only to verify the author’s own experience, but to obtain all possible items of interest bearing upon the purpose in view. Among the many lovely islands that seem to float like gardens of perpetual bloom on the glassy seas beneath the equator, none are as resplendent in wealth and beauty as the island of Java. To distinguish it, and in allusion to its superiority, it has long been termed in the Malay Archipelago the “pearl of the East,” an appellation which its rich and varied resources amply justify.

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