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Jammu and Kashmir Territories

A Geographical Account


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ISBN : 8170201519


Author : Frederic Drew


Pages : 586 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

JAMMU AND KASHMIR TERRITORIES by Frederic Drew, inspite of having been first published over a century ago, still remains one of the most sought after book on this fascinating and beautiful region. The author was an associate of the Royal School of Mines; assistant master of Eton College; and formerly in the service of the Maharaja of Kashmir. He spent ten years, the most by any foreigner, in Kashmir surveying the geological features of the kingdom. For a brief period he was also the Governor of the outlying province of Ladakh.

Region of the Outer Hills : Physical Characters
Inhabitants of the Outer Hills
The Dogras – Dogra Brahmans – Dogra Rajputs – Rajput customs Jummoo and the Court
The city of Jummoo – The daily custom of the Court
Region of the Middle Mountains Bhadarwah – Paharis – Gaddis – Valley of the Chinab – Kishtwar Kashmir
Climate of the valley – The city of Sirinagar – Summer retreats
The Mountains Round Kashmir
Main chain, from Nanga Parbat to Nun Kun – The Panjal Range
The Later Geological History of Kashmir Ladakh: The Inhabitants
Ladak his – Champas – Position of the women – Monasteries and Lamas
Central Ladakh, Nubra, and Zanskar Mountain chains of Ladakh Ladakh: The Higher Valleys
Rupshu – The Salt Lake valley – Indus valley
Ladakh: The Plateaus
The Lokzhung Mountains – The Kuenlun Plains
Baltistan: the Baltis – Skardu – Shigar – Basha – Braldu – Rondu – Deosai – the game of Polo
Dardistan: The Country – The People – Gilgit History – Countries around Gilgit
Languages – Explanation of the Maps and Sections – Appendices

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