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Indian Culture Through the Ages

Education and Propagation of Culture


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ISBN : 9788170200017


Author : S. V. Venkateswara


Pages :


Year of Publishing :


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

The aims of this work is to describe and interpret the genius of India and its culture, and to explain her contributions to the world’s culture. The stream of Indian culture has flowed through the ages, reinforced by the time spirit at every stage, without being untrue to itself or losing its soul in the sweeping current.
The volume deals with the aspect of culture from the evolutionary as well as from the comparative point of view. The author divulges in the study and evolution of the supreme gift of India to the world’s education in the fullest and the highest sense of the term. His interpretation of the subject rests heavily on the Hindu Scriptures and their translations.
The book is divided into six chapters viz; Introduction and the Dawn of Indian Culture, Mohanjodaro and Harappa, Vedic Foundations, Post-Vedic system building, Buddhism and Hindu Educational Institutions, the Middle Ages and the Broadbase of Culture of India and its impact on other cultures etc.

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