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Indian Art Collection


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ISBN : 9788170205890


Volumes : Set in 30 Volumes




Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

This unique collection offers a panoramic view of the artistic heritage of India which abounds in the priceless gems of architectural monuments, sculptures,mural paintings and a variety of artifacts of different periods which arouse as much admiration and interest today as centuries ago. The pioneering reference work has recorded marvelous success among the libraries and art departments including the students of arts, art critics, art historians,and art scholars. For art book collectors the series has been ensured the availability of rare and out-of-print works once again.We are therefore encouraged to bring our this new edition of Indian Art Collection,which is now expanded and includes some of the finest works on the subject ever to have been published in the 20th century on Indian art heritage. We have included very rare works like – The Art of India by Kram-risch, Art of Mughal India by Welch, Golden Age of Indian Art by Rambach & De Golish, The Loves of Krishna by Archer, Modern Indian Architecture by Ishwar, Potteries of Ancient India by Sinha, Saga of Indian Sculpture by Munshi, and many others. Most of the books appear now in a new avatar, having been resurrected with new digital text formatting, images restoration,addition of colour plates wherever possible. The volumes will surely delight the readers.The work has already become a standard “go-to” books in the libraries and specialized collections the world over.

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