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Historical Sketches of South Indian History

From the Earliest Times to the Last Mohammadan Dynasty. Sketches of Early History. Advent of Muslim Rule. Dynasties of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Advent of the British Rule


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ISBN : 8170204003


Volumes : Set in 4 Volumes


Author : Wilk, M. & Hammick, M.


Pages : 2100 pp


Year of Publishing : 1980


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

In spite of the fact that South India has played a dominant role in the development of Indian culture, most of the historians have ignored a detailed study of the ancient and mediaeval history of South India. For a proper and intelligent study of South India, one has to go deep into the literary sources, sacred and secular literature as well as indigenous sources of foreign travels and archaeological sources which are abundantly available and the later Muhamedan and English sources too. The present study which comprises of four volumes, traces the history of South India from earliest times to the end of Muslim rule and the advent of the English in the peninsula. The book is in the form of historical Sketches, such as, Reflections on the early ages, Pretensions to antiquity among the ruling families, sketches on the Geography, Origin of the Hindu house of Mysore, Hindu Laws, Description of a South Indian village, advent of Muhamedans in Deccan, Hyder Ali and his wars, affairs of Tipu Sultan with local chiefs, British, the Marathas and his exploits.
The authors have based their conclusions on a number of sources, both literary and personal diaries. Besides a comprehensive Index and Appendix, there is a consolidated Bibliography also. It is hoped that this book will be a welcome addition to the material already available on South India.

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