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Historical, Political and Statistical, Account of Mauritius

And its Dependencies


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ISBN : 978813070465x


Author : Charles Pridham


Pages : 423 pp


Year of Publishing : 2011


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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In presenting to the public this volume, the execution of which, in conformity with the comprehensive plan developed in this volume, has been deemed by many impracticable, the author cannot fail to be influenced by sentiments of a mingled character – by a feeling of diffidence when he reflects on his unfitness for a task that may perchance be rightly deemed gigantic – by a partial satisfaction, accompanied by hope, when he considers that he may have to some extent succeeded in an object which others of far greater ability, but perhaps less patience, have successively abandoned in that he should be the instrument, however humble, of describing the components of an empire that, considered in any point of view, is as unrivalled for its grandeur and fame as for the spirit of wisdom and justice by which its affairs are administered. “I have been enabled to give to the history in general; for an illustration of this I must be content to refer the reader to the various parts of the work itself, and will simply confine myself to stating, that every part of the work has been subjected to the sternest possible ordeal.” — Author’s Preface

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